Madame Marissa
How much will I allow you to keep, pay slave?
How much will I allow you to keep, pay slave?

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So, let's see what you brought ... is that really everything you earned this month? Obviously most of these green bills go right into my pockets - and then we'll check your budget! You really thought I'd let you keep 1100 Euro per month? You've so many useless expenses on your budget - clothes, insurance, gas ... I don't think so! I think you need a little lesson! Not only I'll keep most of your money, but I'll also skim off a little of your remaining money! Does it hurt you to see how I simply tear apart some of your hard-earned money and throw the pieces on the ground? Or crush it under my boot? Yes, I bet it does! And next month, you'll bring a more realistic budget - you don't want to disappoint me again, do you?!