Madame Marissa
Helplessly buried under a pile of stinky socks
Helplessly buried under a pile of stinky socks

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I’ve bound the slave completely with a couple of ropes and put his head in the facetrampling box – now that he’s helplessly trapped, I bring a very special surprise for him: A box full of stinky well worn socks of all kinds! I first empty the whole box onto his face, but then grab them one by one, show them to him – and you – and make him smell them! Dirty sneaker socks, sweat-soaked running socks, disgusting riding socks, warm stinky hiking socks – all soaked in my foot sweat and completely disgusting. After covering the loser’s face in the stinky socks, I get on the box and walk over the pile – and his face – with my converse sneakers to firmly press them on his nose! After a while, I take off my sneakers and make the slave sniff my shoes and the socks I wore inside as well – then bury his face again and continue to trample his face! In the end I put the box over the pile again and then just leave – he can “enjoy” the intense smell of all the socks for the next couple of hours!