Madame Marissa
Helpless slave under stinky nylon feet
Helpless slave under stinky nylon feet

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I just got back from a nice party and the slave's locked and bound in the factrampling box. I make him lick the bottoms of my high heel ankle boots first, making him taste the disgusting dirt from the party floor. Then I take off my boots and trample his face under my sweaty moist nylons. He has to inhale the intense odor of my feet while my full weight flattens his stupid face! There's just nothing better to relax after a party than hurting and humiliating a worthless slave. I even make him lick the soles of my nylon feet, so he can also taste my foot sweat - before I put one of my boots on his nose, make him hold it in place and then leave him alone while he has to continue smelling my boots!