Madame Marissa
Hands trampled on the deer stand's steps
Hands trampled on the deer stand's steps

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I've sat down on top of the deer stand and ordered the slave to lick my dirty boot soles - it's too funny to see the loser's tongue getting black as he licks off all the dirt! Then I decide to climb down a few steps and start to trample the slave's hands and fingers. He has to put his fingers on the narrow steel steps and then he gets to feel my full weight on top of them! The tread of the boots leaves behind nice imprints on his skin and it doesn't take long until his hands are completely bruised - and also covered in dirt. I also walk up and down the ladder a couple of times - ordering him to put his hands on the steps I'm using! And in the end I walk through the dirt again ... and order him to lick the boots clean again!