Madame Marissa
Hands crushed under brutal deep tread boots
Hands crushed under brutal deep tread boots

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I want to have some fun tormenting the slave today. I'll trample his hands under the deep tread and chunky heels of my boots today - and I also brought along a riding crop ... just in case he dares to resist in any way! I order him to keep as quite as possible and not move his hands - no matter what I do to him. And I know he can't take the kind of pain, this riding crop will cause - so he tries his best to endure the pain as best as he can. On the other hand - I obviously know how to inflict as much pain as possible with my boots and bring this loser to his limits. After only a couple of minutes his hands are completely covered in boot prints and marks from the sharp edges of my heels. Will he endure this suffering? Or will he get to feel the riding crop as well?!