Madame Marissa
Hand trampling despair
Hand trampling despair

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I approach the slave and order him to put his hands on the ground so I can trample them. He doesn't see the riding crop I stuck into one of my boots ... yet :-D These new boots have such a deep hard tread - they will hurt the loser's hands greatly. I know he'll be tempted to pull his hands away - but that's where the crop comes in handy! After trampling his hands for a while, I hit his hands with the crop as well - hitting the same spots my heels just trampled :-D I trample both sides of his hands while this loser screams in pain and is close to crying. I even left the star pattern from my boots' soles on one of his fingers :-D I even trap his wrist between the heel and sole of my boot - so I can trample it under my other boot :-D