Madame Marissa
Hand trampling competition - who hurts you more?!
Hand trampling competition - who hurts you more?!

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Lady Nora and I are going to do a little competition - which of our sneakers will leave behind the nicer pattern on the loser's hands and hurt him more?! He has to put them on the floor and we both start to trample and stomp one of his hands. Next, we try to trample only one of his fingers each - and this time the imprints on his skin are really deep and he's screaming in pain. But I think we can make it even worse for him! I stand on both of his hands and ask Nora to stand on my feet - doubling the pressure on his fragile hands! We're constantly making fun of this weakling for being so whiny - and we won't stop until his hands are covered in deep long-lasting shoe prints completely!