Madame Marissa
Going on a walk - on his hands!
Going on a walk - on his hands!

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I'm wearing a brand new pair of boots and I want to go for a little walk - but I don't want my new boots to get dirty! I order the slave to put his hands on the ground and immediately step on both of them - making sure my new boots don't touch the filthy ground! Then I lift a boot and he has to move his hand a little - so I can step on this one and release his other hand. The slave is in massive pain as he's constantly getting my full weight, the deep tread of the boots imprints into his skin and the whole ground is covered in sharp stones ... really not my problem! After a while I notice that my boots still got a little dirty ... so I punish the slave with some even harder hand trampling before we'll walk back to my car in the same way!