Madame Marissa
Giantess swallows you and your tiny friends
Giantess swallows you and your tiny friends

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You little intruders are really brave - it's pretty dangerous in a giantess' apartment for tiny guys like you! And now I've collected you all ... and you look kind of tasty ... should I taste one of your little friends to find out if you are indeed tasty?! Yes, you are! And a giantess obviously has a giant appetite as well! Come onto my hand ... oh, you're shaking ... are you afraid, little one?! Are you afraid that I'll also eat you?! No, I'll keep you for now ... you'll first watch what's going to happen to all of your little friends! Maybe I'll also keep you as my little pet? I'll put you down on the table ... do you think, you can climb up my foot? No, I don't think I'll keep you ... but eat you as well! You'll see all of your friends for a last time in my stomach!
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