Madame Marissa
Giantess catches you in her shoe cabinet
Giantess catches you in her shoe cabinet

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I left the door to my shoe cabinet open one time - and you little perv manage to sneak into it! You're crawling around in it, taking a close-up view at my shoes and even inside without my knowledge ... but then, when I come by to grab one pair, I see you - lying in one of my shoes! You tiny guys really are a pest! What should I do with you? Do you like the smell of my shoes? I can even stick your whole little body into my warm winter boots and shake it with you inside :-D Should I show you the rest of my shoe cabinet? My sexy high heels? My sport shoes? But I think it's time to finish you ... you know I couldn't tolerate your intrusion, didn't you?! I'll simply crush your tiny body under my feet ... I've been wearing these socks for 3 days straight and by now they're terribly stinky ... but that's how you like it, isn't it? Then enjoy your end ... I'll take my time!