Madame Marissa
Footsweat- and spit-soaked toast for the loser
Footsweat- and spit-soaked toast for the loser

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Luckily, I've been wearing my warm winter boots - it's really chilly outside, but these boots keep my feet warm and make them sweaty, no matter how cold it is outside. And inside, I've been wearing the same socks for 6 days straight. They really need to be washed - they're terribly sweaty, dirty and stinky - but before that, they're just about perfect to prepare something really disgusting for the slave! In the morning, I put a slice of toast into each of my socks - and over the day, I've not only flattened the toast under my feet, but the slices are also soaked in my foot sweat. When I take them out of the socks, you can see how moist and dark they are! I stuff one of the socks into slave's mouth while I finish the meal preparation - by spitting onto the toast a couple of times. Then I feed this disgusting spit and sweat soaked meal to the slave with my foot. He's struggling to eat this disgusting meal, but of course he isn't allowed to stop. And I even stuff one of the slices back into the sock and give it to him as a lunch package for tomorrow :-D