Madame Marissa
Foot sweat drenched croissants for the loser
Foot sweat drenched croissants for the loser

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Today I'll once again prepare a very special meal for the slave. I'll put these croissants in my nylon socks and then go for a long walk in these warm boots. Afterwards the croissants will be soaked in my foot sweat - perfect to feed losers with them! After a small stop at the shop, I drive to the forest parking lot and get on the trail for a walk. It's a really warm spring day - actually way to warm for these boots - but this way the croissants will have the right taste for the loser for sure. When I get back, I order the slave to take off my jacket and boots - and then I show him what I've prepared :-D I take off the nylon socks and take the croissants out of them - they're completely flattened of course and pretty smelly. I bind the nylons around the slave's head, so he has the smell in his nose the whole time, then I put the flattened croissants on the ground and spit on them a couple of times - then feed them to the loser from my feet. He's completely disgusted by the smell and taste, but of course, he'll eat all of this disgusting mix of food, spit and foot sweat to please and amuse me!