Madame Marissa
Foot smelling after 7 days in the same pantyhose
Foot smelling after 7 days in the same pantyhose

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So, a fan offered me 200 Euros for pantyhose that were worn for 7 days straight - and of course I sold it to him :-) At the beginning of the video you see me putting on the pantyhose before I head out to work. After work I drive to the supermarket and get some groceries. On the 2nd day I went to a local BMW dealership to look for a new car after work. 3rd day's evening I went jogging - and the pantyhose started smelling pretty badly already :-D On the 4th evening I went to dinner with some friends and the 5th day's evening was just a long walk in the woods. Saturday evening I prepared for a party - dancing all night will give the pantyhose the final odor ;-) When I come back Sunday morning I sit down on the armchair and take off my shoes and the reeking pantyhose. I put the pantyhose in a bag and call for my slave (who was still asleep) - I order him to smell my stinky feet and he's equally disgusted and surprised - I guess my feet never smelled SO BAD :-D