Madame Marissa
Foot slaves deserve to be humiliated
Foot slaves deserve to be humiliated

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I've put the stool on the slave's body and then sat down on top of it ... this way I'm sitting comfortably and I can show him the really dirty soles of my jogging shoes. I order him to lick them clean, but this loser is simply whining about how disgusting it is. So I take off my shoes and press the sweat-soaked socks on his nose instead! After just a couple of breaths through the stinky socks, the loser begs me to be allowed to lick the shoes instead ... but I don't think so! He'll now inhale the intense foot smell and I enjoy how disgusted he is by that as well. I press the stinky inside of my trail running shoes on his nose as well, before I put them back on and order him to lick the soles again. Now that he knows about the alternative, he's much more motivated and eagerly licks and swallows all of the dirt! Finally I take off my shoes and socks, order him to continue licking my shoes while holding them, while I use my bare feet to press the socks on his nose!