Madame Marissa
Foot slave drained and humiliated
Foot slave drained and humiliated

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I spent all day shopping - and with the heat my feet are steaming in those boots. Obviously, I used this loser's credit card to pay for all the nice things, but his suffering is far from over. I take off my boots and order him to lie down on the floor - just under my nylon-clad foot! He has to smell my sweaty nylon feet while I tell him about all the stores I went to and how I got my feet smelling so strongly. He's struggling to endure the strong odor, but obviously a loser like him isn't able to stand up for himself ... deep down he knows he deserves to be used and humiliated like this! After a while, he is allowed to get on his knees so he can massage my tired nylon feet while smelling them ... before I take off my nylon socks and he has to lick all the foot sweat off my bare feet!