Madame Marissa
Foot milkshake for the slave
Foot milkshake for the slave

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I'm going to prepare something special for the slave now. I put some bananas and some milk in my see-through rubber boots - and then put on the boots and go for a walk! The slave has to follow me while his milkshake is getting prepared by my feet. The banana pieces are crushed by my feet as I walk along and the banana mash, milk and my foot sweat mix into a unique milkshake. After a while I stop, slip one foot out of the boot and order the slave to lick it to give him a first taste - but that was only for starters of course. I put the boot back on and continue the long walk until we arrive back at the car. Now I take off my boots and order the slave to clean both of my feet completely - and then drink the disgusting foot milkshake directly from the boot!