Madame Marissa
Foot fetishist's therapy session
Foot fetishist's therapy session

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I met an old friend in the city and when he told me about his addiction, we made an appointment immediately. He didn't dare to clarify what his addiction is yet, but I've a suspicion quickly. I tell him to sit down on the floor in front of me and ask him if he's mind if I took of my boots ... of course, he doesn't. Even the strong smell of my nylons doesn't seem to disturb him ... so my suspicion grows quickly. When he puts my boots away like I asked him to, he even smells them! But for the final proof I've came up with another test - I empty my handbag on the floor by accident and then use my feet to collect all the pieces from it ... his eyes nearly pop out of his head! Next, I drop some candies on the floor while I'm distracted on my floor and I carelessly walk over them - of course, instead of picking them up and throwing them away, he eats them - after my sweaty feet walked all over them - with this, the diagnosis should be clear! Of course, he's ashamed of his foot fetish and we make the first steps to make him accept it. I let him caress my moist nylons and then hold them in front of his face, until finally he lies down on the floor, and I press my sweaty nylon feet directly on his nose! This is a non-exclusive custom clip for a fan. If you want me to do a custom clip for you, send me an email to!