Madame Marissa
Feeding him cake and dirt in the parking lot
Feeding him cake and dirt in the parking lot

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This slave is always eager to eat some sweets - and he really loves cake! But of course, he's not allowed to eat cake like a human ... for him, I throw the cake on the dirty parking ground and then step on it with my filthy high heels. The sweet cake mixes with all the dirt from my shoe soles and the ground - and only then he's allowed to lick it off my shoe soles. And every time he licked my shoe sole clean, I walk through some dirt again and then step into his food again. I even walk away from the car until I find a really wet muddy spot on the parking lot, grind my heels in the dirt and then get back to the slave to make him lick the fresh dirt with some cake. This disgusting mix from my shoe soles is the best thing this loser ever ate - and the only thing he deserves to eat!