Madame Marissa
Facesitting - I'm using you before my date!
Facesitting - I'm using you before my date!

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I'm already dressed up for my date tonight - and you, little loser, will be my make up chair, so I can touch up my make up before going out. You know, I'd never go out with a loser like you ... I only go on dates with real men! You'll now sit down on the floor in front of the big mirror and put your head back, so I can sit down on your face! Oh, is it hard to not be able to breathe and endure my full weight at the same time? Or are you afraid that your weak neck might snap?! Don't worry ... you'll survive! But you better to a good job, keep calm and steady and don't disturb me - otherwise I'll need to punish you! You'll never get a woman as hot as me ... or any woman at all ... you're just a slave and a loser. And before I go, I'll write LOSER all over your forehead and then keep you chained here, in front of the mirror - so you can see it all night long!