Madame Marissa
Face trampling with 2 sadistic mistresses
Face trampling with 2 sadistic mistresses

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You're going to feel our hard boot soles and heels on your face now, loser. You told us upfront that you can take so much - that you will endure everything we demand - and we'll put that to a test! Lady Nora and I will walk over your face again and again, keep standing on it or stomp down onto it - until your face is covered completely in boot prints! Not only we'll have a lot of fun - but also everyone will be able to tell you've been used as a doormat at first glance! How does it feel when I stand on your face with my full weight and then grind my boot like I'd be crushing a cigarette?! Or when I stomp down onto it hard?! Yeah, you're really going to suffer today, loser!