Madame Marissa
Extremely hot and painful face trampling
Extremely hot and painful face trampling

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You're happy that I took you home, aren't you? I saw how you were looking at me all night long - my sexy dress, my long legs and my sexy heels ... why don't you lie down here and I'll be right back with you. Does it hurt you when I stand on your chest with these heels? Or does the sexy sight turn you on so much, that you don't feel the pain? Do you know what turns me on? Hurting little perverts! You didn't really think you could have a woman like me, did you? These sexy heels will bring you unimaginable pain as I walk over your face with them. Maybe the thin metal heels will take care of your gawking eyes as well?! Your face will surely be covered in bruises when I'm done with you! Anyway, I'll make sure that you'll remember this evening for a long time - and next time you see a sexy woman like me, you'll think twice before you stare at her like a little pervert!
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