Madame Marissa
Extreme foot sweat soaked slave meal
Extreme foot sweat soaked slave meal

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I want to prepare a disgusting slave meal once again - but this time, I'll make it extreme! In the morning, I put some little croissants in my nylon socks - then wrap plastic bags around my feet and seal everything with duct tape! This way my feet will not only sweat a lot more than usual, but also every drop of foot sweat is conserved in the plastic bags. Then I put on a pair of boots despite the heat wave and start my day. You can follow me along my day and after work I even go for an extensive walk in nature. I stop at a lake - oh, it would be so great to jump into it right now to cool off, but that would totally ruin the day's preparations :-D When I get back, I reveal his meal to the slave, and you can see how moist the inside of the plastic bags is after I took my boots off! Then I unpack the croissants and feed this disgusting meal to the loser. He's clearly disgusted by the taste, but to humiliate him even more, I make him smell my feet and nylons while he chews on his meal. And obviously he won't be allowed to leave until he has eaten all of it!