Madame Marissa
Extreme 3-course slave meal - Course 3
Extreme 3-course slave meal - Course 3

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This slave behaved so well recently - I decided to reward him with a special 3-course menu - but of course I'm going to deliver it with a twist! This video is only the 3rd course! (search for "Extreme 3-course slave meal" for the other 2 courses and the full video including all 3 courses)

Course 3 - Cake from my sweaty bare feet
After the first 2 course in boots my feet are pretty sweaty - and I'll use just my bare feet to crush his dessert. My sweaty feet crush the cake and the slave is once again fed directly from my feet. In the end he has to lie down and after licking my feet a little longer I rub the cake remains all over his face!