Madame Marissa
Extreme 3-course slave meal - Course 2
Extreme 3-course slave meal - Course 2

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This slave behaved so well recently - I decided to reward him with a special 3-course menu - but of course I'm going to deliver it with a twist! This video is only the 2nd course! (search for "Extreme 3-course slave meal" for the other 2 courses and the full video including all 3 courses)

Course 2 - Sushi from dirty high heel boots + spit drink
For the second course I selected Sushi - and it will be refined under my dirty beige boots. First I use the heel of the boot to put some Wasabi on each piece of Sushi, then dip it in soy sauce and finally crush it under the dirty boot sole. The slave has to eat the crushed Sushi and the dirt from my boot soles - but obviously I overdid it with the Wasabi a little bit as he's nearly choking because of the spiciness. I decide to show a little mercy by giving him a drink! I grab a glass of water and spit into it a few times - only then he's allowed to drink it!