Madame Marissa
Expensive high heels make losers suffer
Expensive high heels make losers suffer

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I just love these sexy high heels - and I know this slave loves them as well. And now he'll get a very close up look at them - and a reminder, that they can also easily hurt him a lot. I walk all over his hands and fingers, flattening his fingers under the soles and digging the thin heels into his flesh - they leave behind such nice marks - and I love how they make the slave scream in pain! He really does his best to stay as quite as possible, but his willpower doesn't seem to be a match for these heels :-D I can easily crush his fingertips under just one heel or the sole - before moving on to the next finger right away. In the end, his hands are really bruised and full of heel marks - just how I like them to look!