Madame Marissa
Everything's crushed and vacuumed - gone forever!
Everything's crushed and vacuumed - gone forever!

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Now there's not much left of your stuff ... your most favorite model car, the model houses you spent hours to build and all the money in between ... everything's crushed under my cruel heels! Now I'll walk through the mess a couple more times, to make sure all the crushed pieces are small enough for the next step. And once I'm sure that it's all crushed into little pieces, I'll grab the vacuum cleaner and vacuum up all the little pieces ... and if I find something that's still to big for the vacuum cleaner's pipe ... my heels will take care of it! You've to realize that all of this stuff is gone for good ... I won't allow you to pick up any remains, you won't get to glue anything back together or save anything ... it's all going into the vacuum and next, into the trash bin!