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Easy to hell - trying shoes for trampling
Easy to hell - trying shoes for trampling

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Today I want to try out a bunch of boots and shoes on my slave - and especially which ones are good for headstanding! I start softly with a pair of flats, but quickly change them to a pair of riding boots - which may seem pretty soft still, but they've a quite nice hard edge - which especially makes the headstanding very painful :-) Then I decide to spice things up and put on the first pair of high heels, although they've a pretty wide heel they're already causing him a lot more pain. Next up are my Ecco ankle boots - they're SO damn comfortable for me, but also quite painful for the slave :-D Then I move on into the "thin heels department" - starting off with the Buffalo high heel boots which are just perfect for trampling. Then I grab my 16cm / 9 inch high heels and now he's in real trouble as I even jump on him and stand on his head in these dangerous high heels. But that still wasn't the meanest pair - I saved a new pair of ankle boots with 15cm / 8,5 inch heels for the great finale. Even though the heels are a little lower - they're also thinner! I trample all over his chest and head in these as well and in the end his whole body is covered in bruises :-)
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