Madame Marissa
Dumb boot and foot slave under my desk
Dumb boot and foot slave under my desk

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I'll use this slave as my foot slave under the desk today - but I start off by ordering him to write "I'm a dumb foot slave" on the whiteboard a couple of times. Then he has to go under the desk and I use his face as a footstool for my sexy GML boots while I work on my computer. Of course, he has to worship my boots as well, kiss them, lick the soles and suck the heels! Later I order him to take off my boots, so he can worship my nylon feet as well. After half an office day in these boots they surely have a nice smell of foot sweat and leather to them! At first he only has to smell them, but then I order him to lick them as well and suck all of the foot sweat out of the nylons!