Madame Marissa
Dream or nightmare? Noticed by the giantess after all
Dream or nightmare? Noticed by the giantess after all

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So you took your chance and hold on to my shoe while I tie my shoe laces? Well, I didn't notice you at first and took you for a walk in the fields and didn't even notice you when I got back to the car and drove around. But that's no wonder - since you're so tiny - way too small to pay attention to when I'm busy. Only after parking my car I finally notice you ... pretty brave to hold on to my shoe for such a tiny guy - what would happen to you if I stepped on you?! Well, I don't mind you there, just watch out and not fall of my shoe. Maybe I should try out what you can endure ... stepping on you? Or jumping on you? Or I could take you with me and maybe I could have some fun with a tiny guy like you? We'll see ... I'll just pick you up and put you in my pocket ...
Tags: Giantess