Madame Marissa
Double dose of foot smell for the loser
Double dose of foot smell for the loser

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While Lady Nora and I went for a run for almost 2 hours - this loser was bound in front of my couch! And now we'll not only relax, but use this loser for our entertainment - and what would be better entertainment than shoving our wet running socks into his face?! Maybe we should start with these disgusting worn-out running shoes? Soaked in the sweat of many runs and now nicely freshened up! Then it's time to smell our stinky socks, before we shove them into his mouth so he also gets the taste - while he has to smell our bare feet! And once we've had our fun, he won't be allowed to leave ... we'll cover his face with our stinky socks and shoes while we're heading for a much needed shower - and he better makes sure these stinky gifts stay on his nose, otherwise we'll punish him dearly on our return!