Madame Marissa
Dominated and humiliated in the bathroom
Dominated and humiliated in the bathroom

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I call the slave over as I'm in bathroom and order him to lie down in front of the sink - I'll first use his body as a warm carpet while I finish my make up - and I especially enjoy crushing his face under my nylon feet as I put on my lipstick :-D I write "LOSER" all over his forehead with my lipstick before ordering him to get up - so he can put on my shoes - of course he has to tongue-clean them as well - I don't want to go out with dirty high heels! Then he has to put his hands between the toilet bowl and the toilet seat - so I can crush them by sitting down on the toilet lid and brush my hair! But he's in so much pain that I allow him to remove his hands - and stuff his head into the toilet instead! Of course, I can't resist to flush the toilet a few times with the loser's head in it and give him a proper slave face wash :-D Hopefully I didn't forget to flush after using it :-D