Madame Marissa
Do your disgusting job, boot slave!
Do your disgusting job, boot slave!

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Don't you see that our boots are really dirty? Why aren't you kneeling in front of us and cleaning them with your tongue yet?! Look closely, the complete tread is filled with a lot of dirt - and you'll now use the tip of your tongue to slide through every single groove and clean them. And of course, you'll swallow all of this dirt. You'll start with Lady Nora's boots - and to make sure you get all of the dirt out, we'll add some of our spit - maybe that makes all the dirt go into your stomach a little easier! And maybe we'll let you polish the leather as well once you're done with the boot soles. And hurry up a bit - you've 4 dirty boots to clean and we don't want to waste more time than necessary on you!