Madame Marissa
Do you enjoy smelling my foot sweat?!
Do you enjoy smelling my foot sweat?!

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I'm just done with my workout and completely sweaty - and you know, what that means, don't you?! Once I'm done stretching, I'll shove your nose into these steaming shoes and moist socks! That's the price for being such a loser who only watches his mistress work out! Come over here, get your nose into these stinky gym shoes! Can you smell how many workouts have drenched them in my foot sweat? And next, you'll smell on the moist sweat-soaked socks! Do you like the strong smell? To like something as disgusting as this, you really have to be a special kind of loser! Who knows, maybe I'm nice and let you buy them?! I'll think about that while you smell my bare feet!