Madame Marissa
Disobedient slave's hands are destroyed under my tires
Disobedient slave's hands are destroyed under my tires

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The slave sniffed my shoes without my permission - and now I'll punish his hands! I ordered the slave to get on his knees beside my car and then drive over his hands with my heavy car again and again. The weight of the car presses his hands into the ground so hard, that they leave behind imprints in the dirt :-D Sometimes I drive over them quite fast, other times I drive over them really really slowly! The slave's screaming in pain as his hands get more bruised every time, I drive over them. I go back and forth over his hands, sometimes using the back tire, but mostly with the front tire - since the car is heavier in the front where the engine is. A couple of times I also only drive over his fingertips! In between I get out of the car once to inspect the damage I've already done and trample his hands under my boot soles shortly - before I get back into the car and drive over them again!