Madame Marissa
Disgusting sweat-soaked slave-snack
Disgusting sweat-soaked slave-snack

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I'll meet my slave tomorrow - but I'll start preparing already today! I put little croissants into my nylon socks and then put them back on for the day. I'll walk in these nylons and boots all day long and not only flatten the croissants, but also soak them with my foot sweat! At home, I've some garden work to do - and I'll just keep on the socks with the croissants inside - they'll get even more ripe in my stinky jogging shoes as I work in the garden. Next morning, I put on my ankle boots and I've another busy day ahead of me before I finally meet the slave in the evening. He's disgusted when I take off my boots and reveal my moist, sweaty and stinky nylons with the croissants inside, but I'll make him eat every little bit of the sweat-soaked croissants! I show him the imprints the ball of my foot and my toes left in the croissants before I feed the croissants to him - with my feet as well! And afterwards, he'll lick my bare feet until all the foot sweat is gone as well!