Madame Marissa
Disgusting footsweat-soaked snack
Disgusting footsweat-soaked snack

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In this video I prepare a really intense meal for the slave. I put some pastries in my nylon socks in the morning, then put on my converse and head out to get some groceries before work. I switch to some high heels afterwards - with the pastries still in my socks of course - and head into the office. After a full 8 hour work day I switch to a pair of boots and head into the city for some shopping before I return to the slave. In between I show you the flattened and sweat-soaked pastries a few times. The slave's pretty disgusted when I finally take my boots off in the evening and present his crushed meal to him - but of course I'm going to make him eat all of it. He even has to suck the remains and my sweat out of the nylons :-D