Madame Marissa
Dirty boot soles and stinky socks for you!
Dirty boot soles and stinky socks for you!

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Come with me, foot bitch! I just had a great walk - and my boot soles are covered in dirt! It rained a lot over the last couple of days and all the paths were still wet - so wet that the dirt even sprayed on the leather on top. But first, you'll get your tongue out and clean the muddy boot soles. Come on, what are you waiting for, foot bitch? You'll lick off all the dirt and swallow it! You'll slide your tongue over the soles again and again until they're completely clean again! And when you're done with the boot soles, you'll also clean the leather on top. And in the end, I've a special surprise for you ... I'll take off my boots and reveal a pair of socks that I've been wearing for a couple of days already ... and by now, they're so stinky ... really disgusting ... but you'll stick your nose into these smelly socks and inhale the intense foot odor of your goddess!