Madame Marissa
Dirty and stinky shoes and socks after jogging
Dirty and stinky shoes and socks after jogging

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It's been a while since my running shoes have received a proper cleaning - and now it will be the slave's job to lick the dirty soles clean! The tread of the shoes hurts on his tongue as I rub my dirty shoe soles all over them, but he'll have to clean them anyway. Then I take off the shoes and reveal a pair of stinky running socks - I've been wearing them for 3 runs and they're pretty nasty by now! But first, I'll shove the slave's nose into my stinky running shoes - they've collected my foot odor for a couple of months already and surely smell disgusting - just the right smell for a loser like him! Then he has to smell and lick my sweat-soaked socks! But even that wasn't humiliating enough ... next, I remove the insoles of my running shoes and order the slave to lick them - I want him to remove all the foot sweat stains from the insoles!