Madame Marissa
Defenseless slave kicked hard
Defenseless slave kicked hard

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I've bound the slave between 2 trees with some ropes and now his body is completely defenseless - perfect to practice some kicks! I'm wearing my hot riding outfit with the hard full-leather riding boots for this session and the hard nailed soles surely deliver! With every kick the slave stumbles back a little before the ropes catch him from falling - and he's just in the right spot for the next kick immediately! He's in pain and struggling more and more to handle my kicks - not only do the hard soles of my boot hurt him, but the ropes are also putting on some serious tension on his joints! When he can barely keep standing, I untie the ropes and order him to get on all fours - so I can continue kicking his stomach from below! After a while he can't take these kicks anymore as well and just falls on the ground - so I turn him over, inspect his bruised stomach and the decide to finish him with some trampling!