Madame Marissa
Crushing your toys under my car's tires!
Crushing your toys under my car's tires!

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Let's see if these little construction toys can withstand my big van! Helplessly they're in the giant tires' way and my big van rolls towards them unstoppably - and the crush them mercilessly! The fragile parts break apart right away and anything that's putting up a little fight gets ground and pulverized under the tire. The front tires of the van have over 700kg / 1500lbs of weight on each of them - these little toys don't stand a chance against that kind of weight! There are even some scenes from the little one's perspective - could you imagine sitting in the driver's seat of the little truck? The big tire of my van rolling towards you relentlessly and then crushing both you and your vehicle?! :-D One way or another - there will be not much left of your toys when I'm done with them!