Madame Marissa
Crushing your phone under my high heels and tires
Crushing your phone under my high heels and tires

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I bet you've been texting other mistresses again, didn't you?! Come on, give me your phone and the unlock PIN! You don't want to give me your PIN? Well, then it's pretty obvious, that you're trying to hide something from me - and I'll punish you by crushing your phone under my high heels! Trapped between the rough asphalt and my sexy high heels the phone won't stand a chance - getting more and more scratches and cracks! But it seems to be pretty tough and isn't destroyed completely - not even when I place a stone under it and stand on it! But no problem ... I've an idea how to destroy it completely! Next, I place it in front of my vans tire and under the 700kg weight and a few grinds the last resistance breaks and your phone is completely destroyed!