Madame Marissa
Crushing your model houses under our asses and heels
Crushing your model houses under our asses and heels

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Do you see all of your model houses here? How many hours did you waste carefully assembling them? Now you'll see how destroy all of your hard work within just a couple of minutes! Some of your model house will be flattened under our hot jeans asses - completely destroyed once our full weight hits them! Does your heart ache when you see how carelessly and effortlessly your hard work is destroyed?! But not all of your houses will end under our butts, some will be crushed under our high heels as well - with some, we take our time and crush them slowly but steadily - while others are stomped and crushed flat immediately! One way or another they're all getting destroyed and they'll end in the trash - just to make sure you don't get the idea to maybe repair some of them!