Madame Marissa
Crushing you, disobedient tiny slave!
Crushing you, disobedient tiny slave!

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Where are you little guy? I wanted to bring you along to the pool, so you can rub my feet! I told you to stay in your cage! Ah, there you are! You know I've to punish you for disobeying my orders, don't you?! I should just crush you under the soles of my flip flops! Oh, did I crush your little legs?! Now your half-crushed body is stuck to the sole of my shoe ... so I guess I will take you with me after all :-D After a while you'll probably pass out when your body can't take the pain anymore! When I get back home, I'm pleasantly surprised - you're still alive after being stuck to my shoe for so long! How does it feel when I rest my giant sweaty feet on your tiny body? Or when I pick you up and squish you in my hands?! But I think I'll completely crush you ... you can take a last look at me through my toes before I crush you completely! Ew, gross! What a mess you made ... you exploded all over my foot :-D This is a non-exclusive custom clip for a fan. If you want me to do a custom clip for you, send me an email to!