Madame Marissa
Crushing stuff - and fingers - under our boots!
Crushing stuff - and fingers - under our boots!

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Lady Nora and I don't really care for the slave's well-being as you know - but during a hand trampling we usually know where we step and use our soles and heels with purpose - not today! We're blindfolding each other and put the slave's hands between all kinds of stuff - little toy cars, cans, walnuts, etc. - and then the blindfolded mistress will walk back and forth, never knowing where her boot lands. Will it be something to crush? Will it be one of the slave's fingers? Does it really matter?! :-D And to make sure there's no chance we know where we step, the not blindfolded mistress re-adjust everything on the floor every 2-3 walkovers - this is going to be a really painful session for the slave!