Madame Marissa
Crushing his hands - or his money?!
Crushing his hands - or his money?!

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I show my dirty hiking boots to the slave and order him to put his hands on the doormat - so I can use them to clean my dirty boots on. He begs me not to use his hands - as he very well knows how much these shoes hurt him ... ok, maybe I can spare his hands ;-) I take his wallet and put his budget for the whole month - around 500 Euros - on the doormat. If he doesn't want his hands to be uses as a shoe cleaning rag, I'll simply use his money and crush it while cleaning my boots! Of course, the loser wants to save his money and tries to cover it with his hands. Now I trample his hands mercilessly under my muddy boots and try to crush his money at the same time. Now he not only suffers physically but also financially - and after a few minutes he's almost crying! Maybe next time he'll think twice before he hesitates to follow my orders!