Madame Marissa
Crushing his fingers under my boots - one after another!
Crushing his fingers under my boots - one after another!

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I'm in a really bad mood after shitty day in the office - and I want to get into better mood ... what's better to lighten up my mood than torturing slaves?! I order the slave to get down on his knees next to the kitchen counter I then climb on - and then order him to put his fingers right on the counter's edge! This way I can easily trample only his fingers and he can get a close-up view of his endangered fingers! I start by walking over all of his fingers, standing on them and crushing them under the solid heels of the boots. Then he has to take all of his fingers off the counter - except for his index fingers - which I then trample under my full weight. Now the slave's in REAL pain and afraid that his fingers might not withstand the pressure. After trampling his index fingers his little fingers get to experience my weight - then his middle fingers! In the end all of his fingers are covered with the imprints of the rough boot soles!