Madame Marissa
Crushed throat or facesitting?
Crushed throat or facesitting?

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I've put the slave's throat under one of the legs of my rowing machine - and then sat down on top and starting rowing. Every time I push to the far side, almost my full weight comes down on his throat - and even when I'm closing in, there's still a pretty good pressure on it! The slave suffers as his throat is slowly getting crushed under me - and even when he tries to hold the leg of the machine - he won't be able to lift it off his throat. After a while I give him a little break - and sit down on his face with my sweaty workout ass! He should the thankful that I gave his throat a rest - even thought he can't breathe now :-D I switch positions a few times, sometimes just sit down on the edge of the rowing machine to put pressure on his throat again or continue rowing for a little longer - always making sure he suffers!