Madame Marissa
Crushed hands or crushed food?
Crushed hands or crushed food?

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The slave is on a diet, and I've brought a nice sugar-filled muffin ... knowing that he won't be able to resist it. I tell him that he'll be allowed to eat it - but only if he allows me to drive over his hands with my car a couple of times! If he can't handle the pain, I'll instead crush the muffin under my tires and then make the slave eat the crushed remains from the tires! Of course, he doesn't want his food to be crushed and puts his hands on the ground, but after only driving over his hands very slowly once he regrets his decision - so crushed food it is! I put the muffin on the ground and drive over it a couple of times - then order him to eat the crushed mess from the tire combines with all the dirt that's collected on there. A lot of the muffin is crushed onto the ground though and doesn't stick to the tire, so I get out of the car, rub my boots in the crushed remains of the muffin and the slave has to eat it from my boot soles!