Madame Marissa
Controlled by your goddess' foot smell
Controlled by your goddess' foot smell

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Well, loser - how did you like to wait for me with my sweaty office nylons in your mouth?! And while you were sucking the sweat out of these nylons, I went for a run - my feet were already sweaty and stinky from the long office day, but now they got even sweatier, and my socks are soaked in my foot sweat as well! But first, you'll stick your nose into my running shoes and inhale the intense smell! You can't take your eyes off my sweaty socked feet, can you? What would you do, do press your nose into these moist socks?! It's so pathetic how you're controlled by my foot smell ... but I'll allow you to sniff them! I'll wrap my nylons around your head - so I can pull your face even deeper into my sweaty socks! And in the end, I'll stuff my socks into your mouth and pull the nylons over your head - so you can get the full smell and taste experience!