Madame Marissa
Completely flattening each of his fingers!
Completely flattening each of his fingers!

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I've trampled the slave's fingers under my full weight a couple of times already - but this time, he'll suffer like never before! I brought along Lady Nora and we're both wearing brutal hiking boots with a mean tread. And this loser is going to feel our full weight - on only one of his fingers at a time. He has to put his fingers on the wooden chair, we step up onto the chair and immediately put our full weight each on a single finger. We take turns afterwards, but it doesn't matter anyway - he screams in pain and fear as his fingers are flattened under our brutal boots and the full weight of our sexy bodies - and in the end each of his fingers is covered with deep tread marks and completely bruised. I even try to put my full weight on only one of his fingertips! The slave definitely suffers like never before in this video!